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The Hickman-Fulton County Riverport provides an important link to national and international markets by facilitating access for farmers and industries to the integrated logistics of rail, water and roadways. The facility operates 8 hours a day, five days a week under normal conditions. The Riverport provides both bulk and break-bulk cargo transfer operations with an unlimited array of commodities. Grain, wire rod, fertilizer, petroleum coke, zinc, aggregates and steel coils are just some of the numerous products that pass through the Port at any given time. When necessary, the facility operates 24/7. Our facilities provide availability for the following services:

  • Barge discharge to truck - granular and break bulk commodities

  • Barge discharge to conveyor - coke, granular commodities.

  • Barge discharge to rail (using conveyor) - coke, granular commodities.

  • Conveyor to barge - grain products.

  • Truck and rail to storage - gain, granular and break bulk commodities.

  • Crane lift - 125 ton pedestal mounted.

Transfer Service. In addition to conveyor and crane, the Riverport provides transfer service with forklifts, loaders, trailers, and trucks.


Storage consists of 2 warehouses 18,000 & 10,000 sq. ft. (currently occupied) as well as a flat storage capacity of 2 million bushels. There are also 9+ acres for outside storage and warehouse development. 


Rail Service at the port is provided by a short line railroad, the TennKen Railroad Company. The rail line connects to a Class 1 connection in Dyersburg, Tennessee. All rail tracks within the confines of the Riverport are owned and maintained by the port.




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